Love is to respect each other's freedom. Inspire and be inspired to be free


Feel free to be happy


Feel free to be balanced


Feel free to be sad


Inspire and be inspired to be free


Freedom-Lsasada stands for inner freedom.

More than ever in this day and age it is important to make yourself feel free, free to be who you are with all the emotions that go with it. By the liberty to wear the symbol you inspire yourself and others to be free, you feel free and give freedom.

Freedom starts with you!

It is our goal, with the universal freedom symbol to inspire people around the world to be free, let us together create a world in which love and freedom go hand in hand.

Love is to respect eachother’s Freedom.. Inspire and be inspired to be Free.

Foundation Free a Girl

Freedom by Lsasada donates a portion of the proceeds to the Foundation Free a Girl.
This Foundation is committed in order to get the young girls free from forced prostitution and perpetrators convicted. They invest in medical assistance, shelter, education and reintegration of these young girls. In recent years, the Foundation already released 3800 girls.
Among other things, Wesley Sneijder, Bridget Maasland, Glennis Grace, John Ewbank and Thomas Berge are ambassadors of Foundation Free a Girl. For more information about the Foundation please visit Freeagirl

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